Casino stud poker

When playing Casino Stud Poker, the object of the game is to beat the dealer’s 5-card hand. The game is played with 5 cards, each one dealt face-up to a player, and an optional $1 side bet on a progressive jackpot. The first two cards in the hand are the dealer’s King and Ace, and the player’s cards are the four remaining cards. The next step in the process is to place a bet equal to the Ante bet.

The rules of the game are very simple. The game is played with a 52-card deck. The player must place an Ante bet, and an optional Jackpot side bet. The player can make a decision to CALL or FOLD after they have been dealt three cards. To fold, the player will lose the Ante and optional Jackpot bet, and call will place another bet equal to the Ante bet. The dealer will then reveal the two hidden cards, and the winning hand is the one with an ace and king.

There are many variations of the game, but one of the most popular is the five-card version. It is played as a choose-before-roll-your-own game, and the ante is usually high. The high card is called the bring-in. The game is played by placing an ante bet, and the dealer will reveal his or her cards once the player has made a decision. The winning hand is the best 5-card poker hand.

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