Lucky Stars: The Biggest Winners in Casino History

A lot can happen in a casino, and one of them is winning. If you are the luckiest person, you will hit the highest jackpot and become a millionaire instantly. Who does not want to become as rich as Steve Jobs?

However, people do not talk much about casino wins. Not everyone can afford it. Read this article to know more about the most significant gains in the history of casinos if you want some inspiration. Who knows, you will become one of them in the future.

#1. Gloria McKenzie Won $590.5 Million in 2013 at the Age of 84

casino winners Gloria

Who would have thought that a grandma from a small town in Florida will become an instant millionaire? Gloria was 84 years old when her lucky numbers appeared in 2013. She may not have won if the person before her did not allow her to cut the line.

Thanks to her lucky stars, it all happened for a good reason. She cashed half of her lottery winnings instantly instead of receiving it in installment.

#2. Archie Karas Won $40 Million in 1992 but the Tables Turned

casino winners Archie

His story is a rollercoaster. Archie started his casino life in Las Vegas, with only $50. When a friend lends him some money to make more bets, he can earn $17 million in three hours. Archie paid his debts instantly, and his luck continued for years until the tables turned against him.

He drained his bank account, and that is not even the worst part. Las Vegas casinos banned him indefinitely, for he had signs of addiction. It is indeed a tragic story for a casino superstar.

#3. Cynthia Jay Brennan Won $35.9 Million in 2000 and then She Became Paralyzed

casino winners Jay

Who says slot machines will not get you anywhere higher than $100? Cynthia will prove you wrong on that matter. She won the biggest jackpot in Megabucks that day, and she thought it would change her life forever.

After winning, she married her partner and bought a car. Her luck started swirling when Cynthia and her sister got into a car accident. Her sister died, and she became paralyzed. It, indeed, changed her life in a not-so-good way.

#4. Elmer Sherwin Won $4.6 Million in 1989 and $21 Million 2005

casino winners Elmer

His story is quite astonishing. He won twice in his lifetime! Sixteen years apart, and he still has the luck on Megabucks. Although he won in the same slot machine as Cynthia's, Elmer's story is lighter.

He earned his first million at the Mirage and the second at the Cannery Casino & Hotel. As a war veteran with a heart to help others, Elmer donated some of his wealth to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He bid his farewell in 2007.


Most of your chances in casinos are out of luck. Some had some sweet victories, while others consider their winnings as bad luck. Their stories will tell us that the fun of winning in a casino will only last for some time. Nobody knows what life will bring when the celebration ends. Today, you can already play online, so you do not need to go to a casino hall and play.

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